Mini-LSM v1

This is a legacy version of the Mini-LSM tutorial and we will not maintain it anymore. We now have a new version of this tutorial. We keep the legacy version in this book so that the search engine can keep the pages in the index and users can follow the links to the new version of the tutorial.

V1 Tutorial Overview

Tutorial Overview

In this tutorial, we will build the LSM tree structure in 7 days:

  • Day 1: Block encoding. SSTs are composed of multiple data blocks. We will implement the block encoding.
  • Day 2: SST encoding.
  • Day 3: MemTable and Merge Iterators.
  • Day 4: Block cache and Engine. To reduce disk I/O and maximize performance, we will use moka-rs to build a block cache for the LSM tree. In this day we will get a functional (but not persistent) key-value engine with get, put, scan, delete API.
  • Day 5: Compaction. Now it's time to maintain a leveled structure for SSTs.
  • Day 6: Recovery. We will implement WAL and manifest so that the engine can recover after restart.
  • Day 7: Bloom filter and key compression. They are widely-used optimizations in LSM tree structures.

Development Guide

We provide you starter code (see mini-lsm-starter crate), where we simply replace all function body with unimplemented!(). You can start your project based on this starter code. We provide test cases, but they are very simple. We recommend you to think carefully about your implementation and write test cases by yourself.

  • You can use cargo x scheck to run all test cases and do style check in your codebase.
  • You can use cargo x copy-test dayX to copy test cases to the starter code.

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